Friday Party


Stay safe and avoid the chaos with all the weekenders bussing into Key West on that last Friday before the parade and join our private party held at the ‘Old Rum Barrel’.

The theme of this party is:

Name That Tune ~ Costume Edition.

There will be a DJ spinning your favorite tunes and as always plenty of good food to keep ya ‘dancin’ the night away’

A Cash bar will be available

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Additional Info

This year we are getting creative. Dress as a ‘SONG’. ¬†For example, have a dog painted on your chest and now you are dressed as the song ‘Hound Dog’ by Elvis Presley. Fire fighters out there put on your gear and come as the ‘Fireman’ by George Strait. It could be a simple as donning a pair of sunglasses and be ‘blinded by the light’ by Manfred Mann. The options are endless, let your mind wander to some of your favorite songs and see how you can transform a melody into a costume! There may or may not be prizes, just kinda depends on how many people start talking about all the great ideas they have. By the way have you guessed the cover picture in the store? I will give you a hint. The song was a Matchbox Twenty song.