Krewe Newsletter 2019.6

2019 Fantasy Fest Parade Theme

2019 Krewe Parade Theme

The Krazy Krewe

In Old Key West

Now Open!

The Krewe store is open for business. Get all your krewe swag and tickets here

If you have already purchased tickets(Thanks)  you can verify that your name is correct and on the list here:



These lists are what we are using to allow people into the parade and friday party if your name is not on the list you are not going to be able to attend these events. The lists are updated regularly so check back if you think your name should be on the list. If you think there is a problem email 

Come on guys!
I know you don’t want these on the float!
Please go to the krewe store and purchase YOUR favorite album to be displayed for the parade so we don’t have to use these.

Annual Krewe Meet and Greet

Do you like to be in Key West?
Do you like to Socailze with others in key west?
How about people you know?  People you dont?
I will tell ya this, if you are in Key West on Sunday October 20th, you will NOT regret coming on down to the sunset Tiki Bar at the galleon around 1pm.
“WHY? WHY do I have to get out that early?  I am still hungover from the night before… ughhhh”

Well there are at least two reasons i can give you right now. 
the first would be that THIS WILL BE THE MAIN PICKUP for ALL ORDERS.  I am going to have shirts, badges, lanyards, and perhaps some tote bags. I will have limited quantity of some items for sale on site.  .  

I need you all to come down and pick this stuff up so I am not lugging it all over the Island.  the quicker i can get your products to you, the quicker I stop stressin so much about it!  If you are in town prior to the 20th, let me know, i plan to have at least one “come pick up” event.  All items will arrive in Key West by the 12th

If you are UNABLE to be in KEY WEST by the 20th, you will need to contact me to pick up your shirts, badges, lanyards and totes.  TEXTme at 941-224-9705.  IF YOU ONLY ORDERED TICKETS, you will NOT be picking up a physical item.  Your name will be on a list at the door (friday party) and at the parade float. 

And the second reason is that this daytime party is always sure to be one of your highlights at Fantasy Fest.
Come see all your friends, old and new, the one’s you don’t get to see but once a year at Fantasy Fest, by the water at the beautiful tiki bar at the Galleon resort.
We are fortunate to be able to provide food again for all our great Krewe members. We host this party so that all current and future krewe members have a place to meet early in the week, and all in one location. The nighttime parties are great but almost impossible to see everybody who is in the Krewe. This event is a great time and place to invite anybody you meet or have met at Fantasy Fest to join our great little group. We do this as a way to say thank you to all who help support the Krewe and all its members who make this the best Fantasy Fest group on the planet.

Let’s put the spotlight on Rich and Deb

Rich and Deb’s first Fantasy Fest was in 2010,  that year they met Efrain and joined the krewe. The following year before Fantasy Fest Deb had some problems logging into the krewe site (as she is a bit tech challenged, bless her heart) called Ef for some help. He fixed her problem and Ef being Ef asked a simple question, “what do you drive?” and “can it pull the float?”. Deb being Deb and the nice person she is answered “a jeep liberty and of course”. Deb was very excited to be brand new to the krewe and already tasked to do what could possibly be the most import job anyone could have. While Deb was excited, Rich was a little apprehensive, he had questions like “how big is it?”, “how much does it weigh?” Surely Ef had done this enough to know that when Deb said they had a Jeep Liberty that it could pull the float, right? Well… The day of the big parade comes and Rich and Deb drive on down to the annex to hook up to the float. Little did they know that this was the first year the current float was put into service. So they proceed to  hook up the Jeep liberty to the float and it squats the jeep down a little, no big deal, the towing capacity of the Jeep is 2,000 pounds and we are only going 2 mph for about 3 or 4 miles, the jeep can handle it. But wait we still have to load beads and speakers on the float, oh and some people too.  Well, the float without any beads, people or equipment weighs in at just under 4,000 pounds. The beads weighed about 2,500 lbs. Add another 500 pounds for equipment and people and we have an estimated weight of around 7,500 pounds, just a tad over the Jeeps rated capacity. Rich says “What the hell it’s Fantasy Fest” and don’t ya know it… just like the little train that could that Jeep LIberty pulled the float successfully throughout the parade. I say successfully because they did not break anything, although the Jeeps front tires came off the ground a few times. The next year Rich and Deb showed up at Fantasy Fest in a brand new pickup truck, I am sure they were planning on getting a heavy duty truck with a huge towing capacity anyway, Right? That’s how you get initiated into the krewe, just answering a simple question. Rich and Deb have been indispensable to the Krewe, always willing to help with anything and everything. And sometime Rich even volunteers to help with things without ever even remembering he did! (Thanks Deb)
Rich and Deb come from New York several times a year to the great State of Florida and spend most of the month of October in Key West.  They are avid visitors of Schooner Wharf and can be found there morning and night.  It’s a great place to be if you haven’t visited there.  Should you feel the need for some great company and good conversation, try and catch up with them while you are down.  You will quickly find your self with 2 new friends.

*** if you or someone you know would love to be under the “spotlight” drop me an email with the particulars. WHO they are WHAT they do and more fun facts that not everyone knows.  IT WILL BE FUN!***


If you have any ideas for themes or thoughts you would like to share please let us know email:

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