Krewe Newsletter 2019.5

2019 Fantasy Fest Parade Theme

2019 Krewe Parade Theme

The Krazy Krewe

In Old Key West

Now Open!

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These lists are what we are using to allow people into the parade and friday party if your name is not on the list you are not going to be able to attend these events. The lists are updated regularly so check back if you think your name should be on the list. If you think there is a problem email 

Scooter Krawl

The Fun Part

If you are wondering what there is to do Tuesday during the day, I would strongly suggest that you join our TUTU’ed Scooter Poker Krawl.
The event starts at 1 pm at two locations, one for walkers and one for scooters. Check back for starting points soon.
This year, we will explore the Sleazy Side of Sesame Street. It may or may not include back alleys and sneaky side streets. Both routes go to 4 different bars and end up at the Sandbar for the finale.  So, choose if you want to show off your tutu on a super slick scooter or strut it around on the streets of Key West, either route will be a blast!

Along the way, if you choose to participate, you will buy your first Poker Card, you WILL FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS given.  At each stop along the chosen route, you will receive an additional card until you have 5 cards. At the last stop, you present your hand to our in house poker specialist, and they will determine the person with the best hand and declare a winner.  But wait… Make sure you toss the cards in the right place; a winner will be drawn from these cards as well.   Whether you win or lose, you will be having a blast with the Krewe. 

Raffle tickets on both routes will also be sold, here is your chance to win prizes, gift certificates, coupons, bags, t-shirts, hats, cozies, and much more exciting one of a kind objects!

Now… How do you dress for this event you may wonder?
For the top, now is the time to pop on over to the krewe store for your 2019 KDKLSSOSSS, that is krewe de krazy life sleazy side of sesame street, these are only available for a limited time and reduced-price (we wanted everyone to buy one to match)  So .. pick your favorite color, red blue green or Yellow, get it ordered and then….!!! And for the bottom you need a tutu.

Start looking now at your favorite craft store. A lot of the time I find Tulle rolls buy one get one free.
Or check online if you aren’t feeling creative, Esty or amazon will have some.
Please be advised that the suggested attire is MATCHING TOPS AND BOTTOMS.  RED top RED tutu, GREEN top, GREEN tutu, (I feel like I need to continue here) BLUE top BLUE tutu and finally YELLOW top, YELLOW tutu.  However, if you feel like being a rebel you can always mix your colors. Also, just a reminder that all profits from the sales of shirts in the krewe store are going to a Key West Charity.

Scooter Krawl


The not so fun part


I want to take a minute to talk to you about the scooter krawl. Last year as many of you heard the police pulled over several scooters. They all had run a red light which the scooters have been doing for quite a few years by now and quite frankly been lucky no one has been stopped before. Last year the KWPD was VERY nice in not issuing any traffic violations which could have cost each person up to $275. The officer had recommended having a police escort if we wanted to do this again. We looked into it with the city of Key West and the KWPD. The city was very accommodating and was going to wave the permit fee for this, however, the KWPD required that each officer involved be paid $50 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

John Sprague thought 2 would be enough as he had done similar things while working for the police department in Ohio, unfortunately, the city of Key West thought that 6 would be necessary. Now we were looking at a cost of $1200. It was also discussed that if we were to have 6 officers tag along as we stopped at 5 different bars, we could be asking for even bigger trouble. It was decided that we would only use them for the last leg of the journey from the southernmost down Duval to the sandbar. So, this one-mile trip running 2 stop signs and 6 lights was gonna cost $1200 or about $150 per street we cross. The cost just seemed too high to justify raising the cost per hand by double for all involved even though the scooters only make up about a third the scooter krawl participants, and it was decided that we will instruct all involved in the scooter portion of the krawl that they have to follow ALL traffic laws and stop at stop signs and red lights and consider ourselves lucky that we have had no issues up to now. There is someone looking into getting a sponsor to pay for the police escort, if that can be worked out, we will let ya know.

Let’s put the spotlight on Phil and Rachel

Phil and Rachel are new to the krewe but have already made a name for themselves by helping with the float decorations in 2018. They jumped right in. They were doing the property cards that we displayed along the bottom of the float. Phil did a great job designing them with a key west flair, all that was left was getting them printed and mounted. That should have been an easy task since that was a business he once owned and sold to a friend. However, as many things that have to do with the Krewe de Krazy Life and Fantasy Fest in general, things rarely go as expected. The property cards were ordered with plenty of time to get the job done and have them shipped to Key West. But…somehow the printer didn’t get them finished by the designated date. No big deal there was still time to get it done and shipped, just have them shipped a little quicker. Well…the printer got them finished and off to the shipping company, disaster averte, or so we thought. The expedited shipping date had them getting in Key West on Friday, cutting it close but still in time. On Wednesday we got an update from the shipping company that showed them arriving in Key West on Monday, after the parade, well that’s not going to work! So, Phil got on the phone with the printer and the shipping company and got it all worked out. Or so he thought. By Friday it was apparent they were not going to make it in time. So much for expedited shipping! Rather than giving up Phil found a printer down in the keys, got them printed, purchased a laminator and laminated them themselves, all while looking at property in the keys so they can move down. Talk about dedication! We all owe Phil and Rachel a huge thanks for working so hard and showing true Krewe spirit. It’s dedication and hard work like this that shows why the Krewe de Krazy Life is the best group of people anywhere! P.S. the property cards finally arrived, about a week after the parade and are safely stored in another krewe members house in Key West, ready to decorate our float as soon as we have another game or monopoly theme.

*** if you or someone you know would love to be under the “spotlight” drop me an email with the particulars. WHO they are WHAT they do and more fun facts that not everyone knows.  IT WILL BE FUN!***


If you have any ideas for themes or thoughts you would like to share please let us know email:

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