Krewe Newsletter 2019-1

Howdy Campers and Camper-etts! I’m Ami and I am going to be your Camp Krazy Krewe Activity Director this year.​We here at Krazy Krewe Headquarters have been working tirelessly or tired, I can’t remember, to make this year the funnest crazyiest year we have ever had! We have old friends, new friends, and even a bear. Well maybe not a real bear but im sure there will be pretending. Please read thru the following information carefully, there will be a quiz later. If you need help studying you can email or 

2019 Fantasy Fest Parade Theme

2019 Krewe Parade Theme

The Krazy Krewe in Old Key West

The float will be decorated in vintage key west memorabilia. We also want to tie in the music theme by displaying oversized “albums covers” along the bottom of the float. We will be asking for a $25 donation for you to choose your favorite album cover to be displayed with your name on it on the float. After the parade if you like you can take the album cover home with you. We will have a limited number available and they are sure to sell out quickly. So, give props to your favorite album and help decorate the float!

Here is an artists rendering of what the float may or may not look like.

Updates to our Parties

First Friday

Toss those hats, you won’t be needing them this year, it was decided it was time for a change. The first Friday party will now be fuchsia Friday! Why Fuchsia? Cause it’s a cool alliteration of course! BUT what is Fuchsia you may ask? Well its pretty simple
FUCHSIA is a vivid purplish-red color kinda like HOT PINK.
What do I do for this? Take your pick at adding a tiny splash or go all out—HEAD TO TOE! No matter what you wear, it will be a fun nite to catch up with the early birds at Captain Tony’s. Remember this is our first official krewe party of the year and it has been getting bigger and bigger every year! AND.. Fuchsia Krewe Shirts will be available.

Saturday will remain LBD night.   Guys included…. Lets wear those dresses proudly guys!  Purses and shoes optional. As they say the accessories make the outfit! Lets show Captain Tonys our Littlest blackest dresses!! 
Sunday!!  Oh Sunday is gonna be great.  Once again we are having the Meet n Greet at the Sunset Tike Bar at the Galleon resort (617 Front Street) and of course, there will be food for you guys!  Its always fun to catch up with everyone there.   It will also be a chance to pick up your badges and shirts and stuff…. 

Don’t have “too” much fun because you gotta get  DEAD for the zombie party Sunday night.  Last year it was decided that if you can beat em you gotta join them.   Come out to Capitan Tonys to celebrate with the ZOMBIES.  Riding in the bike ride?? Good new, that’s where the ride ends…. See ya there

Monday as always will remain Kinky! Put on your most fetishy outfit and join us at capt tonys or kellys for a night of kink and spectacle.

Tuesday is the Scooter Krawl… and the theme is The Seedy Side of Sesame Street.  Join us as we be scootering and krawling all over key west for another year. We have been looking into have a police escort for the scooters to try and prevent what could have been a disaster last year with a dozen or so scooters being pulled over for running a red light! And Good news.. will be selling t shirts and tank tops for this event.  Pick a shirt, match your TuTu and you will be living on Sleazy Street.  (in the seedy district). More details to come.

Tuesday night will forever be Plaid night.  Use your old plaid or get new plaid… Get painted plaid or just cover up your Naughty Bits with Plaid… Just get down to Capt Tonys!!!

Wednesday …..   Get your ABC costumes ready.  Its been confirmed that it will be at the Sandbar again.. Huge thanks to Chris Gulley for spearheading this fun party!

Wednesday night is changing this year…  ITS STEAMPUNK!!  Keep in mind you will need to adapt your outfits for the Key West heat… This should be interesting dontcha think?

Thursday   You were wondering where Pirate night went?? Well now ya know… its on Thursday for the second year.  
Finally…. Friday  the Friday night party is still up in the air.  We might know more in a couple of weeks, but will let ya know when we know
Finally…. Friday  the Friday night party is still up in the air.  We might know more in a couple of weeks, but will let ya know when we know
Friday is also the Masquarade March,  while this isn’t an official krewe event, lots of yall like to participate… someone needs to be the go to person on this event… any takers??  Contact Ami at
I am not sure if you guys know that much about Fantasy Fest and the events that happen, but there is a huge parade on Saturday night.  And the krewe YOU BELONG to has a float in it… AND you are all invited ($$)  the theme is Old Key West. Old Key West was the very first parade theme in 1979.  To decorate the float there will be vintage key west deco, album covers, beads, fun, and so much more…   Your attire could range from a 1970’s feel to an old key west favorite.  Google it, chat it up with friends, see what you come up with. 
No matter what you wear, we want you there.
(that line was to be sung in tune but OFF KEY!   (see what I did there?) 
Fantasy Fest ends it week with a fat lady singing, we the krewe end ours the way we start it with a naked farewell at Capt Tonys.  Say a final goodbye for the year, promise to keep in touch (and mean it).  There is always fun reminiscing (or trying to) this evening. 

Well you made it almost to the end of the newsletter. Congratulations! You must be a die hard krazy krewe. Just a couple more nuggets…
Expect changes to the website soon
Expect a new newsletter in about a month, make sure everyone you know who is interested in krewe activities is subscribed. You can subscribe at the website.
Expect changes to any or all of the events listed.. it is fantasy fest ya know.

These are the dates to remember for 2019

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