Krewe Newsletter 2019-2

2019 Fantasy Fest Parade Theme

2019 Krewe Parade Theme

The Krazy Krewe

In Old Key West

Now Open!


There will be a soft opening of the krewe store. The only items are Float Sponsors and the Album covers we are going to decorate the float with. We need to do some real world testing of the new store, once complete we will notify everyone when the store and all the products will be on sale. Thanks for your help.

The Krewe store will be open to sell the album covers for the float decorations.The price is $25 each.

We really would appreciate your ordering now to help work out any bugs in the new store before we open to tickets and the rest of yur favorite krewe gear

Here is your chance to help decorate the float and promote you favorite album cover. After the parade its yours to keep.

If you can’t narrow it down to just one, you are welcome to buy as many as you wish.

These favorite album covers will proudly show your name or anything else you want within reason. Like you can’t say things like “bite my sausage

These album covers will adorn the bottom of the parade float for all the world to see.

Quantity is limited. When ordering please list the name of the album and what you would like printed on it.

After an exhaustive search both far and wide looking for the best and most talented Masquerade March coordinator for the Krewe we are proud to present Freida Hawley as the 2019 Masquerade March coordinator. Although there were many talented people out there she is by far the best candidate this year. Frieda has decided that she will run point for the Masquerade March. And the theme that was chosen, with the help of Cheryll Stenson is ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. So, all you Krazy Krewe that participate in the Masquerade March contact Freida and say hello.  Let’s help her make this the best Krewe Masquerade March ever! Her announcement is below, in case you didn’t see it on Facebook.  A big thanks goes out to Freida for taking on this responsibility.

Hi everyone! 

I’m trying to help Ami by coordinating the Friday Masquerade March for the Krewe. I’ve not done this before but I just know others will contribute.

First, a theme.  Although she’s not sure they are gonna make it this year Cheryll Stenson suggested the theme of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Younger people may want to google this cult classic!  It sounds like a great, fun theme to me so let’s do it!  I know we will see lots of fantastic Dr. Frank n Furters, Magentas, Transylvannians, zombie nurses, Columbias, Riff Raff and maybe even some Rockys!

I’ve seen several comments that people could not tell how many KK members walked in the parade. It’s hard to stay together making drink stops and all but let’s give it a try. I’d love to see us all walk as a group so I’ll continue to update details.

If you have any ideas for this please let me know. Also, I know there has been a cart pushed in the parade filled with Jello O shots before. Does anyone know who that belonged to????


Bob & Freida Hawley

Let’s put the spotlight on our very own Bob Striegl. You may know him as Friar Fuk or Blinky Bill or some other sordid name! 

He hails from the great state of Illinois and is an avid Ham Radio guru!
He’s a retired Nuclear engineer.   You may know his beautiful wife Fran AKA Nun For You, If you see her with clothes on count yourself lucky as she rarely wear them.
He and his lovey “nun” spend a month in Key West each year around the time Fantasy Fest.
When questioned how long they had been coming to fantasy fest, the answer was “A very long long long time” who can remember Atlantic Shores?
Bob is our number 1 spam blocker for the krewe forums.  Without him, we would all have rich princes overseas looking to shelter some money from the government!  On a serious note, Bob works daily deleting false profiles and kicking the spammers out, keeping our site safe!  Its very tedious work and he is very much appreciated for cleaning us up!  Think about how many spam calls you get to your cell phone, the website is much worse!
He is also the main go to man for WHEEL MONITOR/ FLOAT SITTER!  Another thankless boring dull tedious job. For countless years he has led the search for the very important job of keeping our drunk asses out from under the wheels of the float and tow vehicle, allowing us to participate in the Parade, cause without them we are DEAD in the water. So, if you see him you may want to give him a shout out or maybe even a shot!  We are pleased to say that there have been no Krewe Members smooshed to date under his masterful watch.   Float sitters are highly sought after as well.  Its not a fun job, however he manages to wrangle them up. Thanks for making arrangements to keep our float, equipment and beads safe.
Another thankless job that he undertakes is going to the Mandatory Drivers Meeting, usually held the evening after the scooter krawl and Before Plaid nite. Talk about bad timing. At this exceptionally boring meeting we are assigned our float number and any last-minute information regarding the parade. And Bob still goes even after they stopped providing alcohol at these meetings.
In short, if you see Bob or Friar Fuk & Nun 4U, give them a big thanks for doing so much for the Krewe, and keeping up safe. 
*** if you or someone you know would love to be under the “spotlight” drop me an email with the particulars. WHO they are WHAT they do and more fun facts that not everyone knows.  IT WILL BE FUN!***

Mary Jane Sprague, “MJ”  is looking for old Fantasy Fest or Key West Shirts.  Not because they are awesome… BUT because she is going to make a t shirt quilt to raffle off for the Krewe!  how awesome would that be?  So if you are anyone else has any past Fantasy Fest Shirts, Contact me and I will get you her address for mailing.   



I bet its gonna be beautiful. 

These are the dates to remember for 2019