Pirate Party

The Pirate Party was started by Bobbie and Sandy in 2008 on Sunday evening. Krewe members were starting to arrive earlier each year, and Sundays had pretty much nothing going on. We expected a few Krewe members that early in the week, but as we started hearing from members that were changing flights and reservations to be there for the party, we decided we should let Captain Tony’s know so they would be prepared since it was a slow night for them. They thanked us and said if we thought there would be 100 or more, they would cancel the musician they had on Sundays and book a band. We did a poll and after a couple days knew we would hit at least the 100. When we called to tell them, they said they had talked and decided that if we had a party, there would be at least that many and had booked the band already. When we, John and MJ, flew in, the cabbie told us he heard there was a pirate party that night at Captain Tony’s and we might want to check it out. It was unadvertised but somehow word had spread around. It turned out that Mel Fishers Museum had a pirate party that night, but It was a busy and most people left and came to the Krewe party. After expecting at least 100, we filled the bar and they had to close the street. The only change is, because of the popularity of the Zombie Bike Ride and party, we have moved the Pirate Party to Thursday. The Pirate Party will remain until enough people want something new.