Krewe Newsletter 2019.4

The Store Will Open Aug 7th!

The Krewe store will officially open Wed Aug 7th.

Come get all your favorite Krewe gear.

What’s for Sale?
(In no particular order)
Krewe de Krazy life Badge
The official collectable Krewe Badge with Valuable discounts.  A must have for all krewe members.
Krewe Lanyard
Yes you get a free “Susie” one if you want but why not support the Krewe with a cool red plaid one?
Scooter Krawl Shirts
They’re Back! A little different this time however bound to make a statement with all the looky loos who are NOT in our scooter krawl.  T Shirt sales will close on 9-15-19 so that we have them in time for the most awesome event.
Krewe T Shirts
Krewe shirts will be on sale as well, with a limited number of sale days (T shirt sales will close on 9-15-19 as well) We are offering multiple designs and colors in both men’s and women’s.  Pick one or more to show your krewe pride.  
Fuchsia Shirts
These can be found in the Krewe T shirt category.  We have reduced the already low price to a mere 15.00 for this option.  We would love for everyone to wear Fuchsia for Fuchsia Friday!!!
Walker Parade Tickets
VIP Parade Tickets
LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE ARE AVALIALBE.  If you wanna ride… get over to the site on Wednesday and purchase as soon as you can.



Friday Party Tickets
I can NOT stress this enough If you are planning on attending this event, please purchase your tickets in advance.   Not only are they cheaper, it will also be the deciding factor if there will be a party.  We need 50 people to commit to going, otherwise it becomes unaffordable and it won’t happen.  If you purchase tickets and the event is canceled, you money will be refunded.
Remember 50 tickets purchased by 10-1-19.  There is even a discount coupon available for those first 50 people.     Apply the code PARTY10 when you check out and receive a discounted price of $30.00
Album covers
They are still up for grabs. 
Remember you can choose any album in the world (well except that one Friak Fuk wanted), hopefully someone you like, you don’t have to choose one of the ones others have chosen, unless of course it’s your favorite too. In that case we will put them on opposite side of the float.


Tote bags
These are awesome.   Two designs to choose from.  They are zippered at the top and have an inside pocket. Great quality and machine washable.
Krewe donations
Krewe donations assist in the day to day running of this group.  We are a 501(c)3 organization registered with the State of Florida and the IRS, so they may be tax deductable, consult with your accountant. None of the board receives money for the hard work they provide, however there are float expenses such as repairs and improvements, website expenses and of course the Meet n Greet sponsored by the Krewe on Sunday October 20th

If you have purchased tickets in the past you know how complicated it was. Printing out the ticket or the remembering the email with your invoice. Getting an email about signing waivers and such. The waivers make the process much more complicated but unfortunatly the waivers are mandatory for us to be in the fantasy fest parade. A copy of the waiver can be viewed here.

Well we have done away with all of that. We hope we have streamlined the process, now when you purchase a ticket you will have to check a box that say you agree (for everyone you are buying tickets for, so make sure you have permission to sign for another) to the terms and conditions of the waiver.

You cannot check out with out checking this box. So, if for some reason the store will not let you check out please make sure this box is checked.

Also, you will be asked to put the names of all the people you are buying tickets for in a box that also must be filled out. These names will be placed on a list that lets us know who bought tickets and should be allowed to participate. If you do not fill out the boxes correctly it may hinder access to the event.

Please put the first and last name of everyone you buy a ticket for separated by a comma so that your whole party can join the fun.

If you are buying Parade tickets and Friday party tickets, there will be separate boxes for you to put the names in. These are separate events and separate lists.

We will post a copy of the lists on the website for you to check to see if you are on. We will update this list at least weekly with the date that we updated it at the top. If you purchased after that date your name will be included at the next update.

If you find that there is an error, please email

Here is an example checkout page your checkout page may look different depending on what you are purchasing.

eg. The album name only shows up if you by an album.
The parade ticket name box only shows up if you are buying parade tickets.
The checkbox for agreeing to the waivers only shows up if you are buying parade tickets.
The float sponsorship box only shows up if you are buying a float sponsorship.
The Friday party tickets box only shows up if you are buying a Friday party ticket.
So you may have all or a combination of these boxes show up on the checkout page.

Please Read Each Carefully as the information you provide is very 



Let's Put the spotlight on Chris Gulley

For this edition of under the spotlight we chose Chris Gulley.
Chris has been organizing the ABC Party singlehandedly for many years now. Many of the krewe have participated in this increasingly popular contest. We just wanted to take a moment to thank him. we know that organizing any event is a lot of hard work but organizing an event in Key West during their busiest time of the year is exceptionally more difficult.
Great job Chris!
When Chris took over the ABC contest it was a small gathering held at the southernmost beach, a beautiful location but hot and a long way for most krewe. He moved it to pinchers crab shack a great place but not near big enough for the ever-expanding contest.
A couple of years ago he moved it to the Sandbar sports bar, where it’s grown even bigger and is becoming one of the most popular daytime krewe activities.
Chris not only has to coordinate the location of the ABC party he also provides all the prizes and does an amazing job as host and emcee. Chris and his wonderful wife Jennifer always have the best and most creative costumes we have seen by any krewe members, and only encourage the rest of us to come up with great costumes. 

p.s. Chris we finally remembered to fix the dates at the bottom.


*** if you or someone you know would love to be under the “spotlight” drop me an email with the particulars. WHO they are WHAT they do and more fun facts that not everyone knows.  IT WILL BE FUN!***

These are the dates to remember for 2019