Krewe Newsletter 2019.3

2019 Fantasy Fest Parade Theme

2019 Krewe Parade Theme

The Krazy Krewe

In Old Key West

Now Open!


There will be a soft opening of the krewe store. The only items are Float Sponsors and the Album covers we are going to decorate the float with. We need to do some real world testing of the new store, once complete we will notify everyone when the store and all the products will be on sale. Thanks for your help.

Here are some of the covers your krewe members have chosen.
Don’t be left out!

The Krewe store is open to sell the album covers for the float decorations.The price is $25 each.

We really would appreciate your ordering now to help work out any bugs in the new store before we open to tickets and the rest of your favorite krewe gear

Here is your chance to help decorate the float and promote you favorite album cover. After the parade its yours to keep.

If you can’t narrow it down to just one, you are welcome to buy as many as you wish.

These favorite album covers will proudly show your name or anything else you want within reason. Like you can’t say things like “bite my sausage”

These album covers will adorn the bottom of the parade float for all the world to see.

Quantity is limited. When ordering please list the name of the album and what you would like printed on it.

Are you ready for the Parade tickets to go on sale????  WE ARE NOT!  Bugs and kinks are still be worked out. What can you do to assist???  Log in and help decorate the float with the purchase of an album cover.   Not only are you helping with the float, but you are also helping us with the store!  Please??

When the parade tickets are released, there will not be… I repeat NOT BE a form for you to sign.  There is a box that will require your attention.  This box is linked to not only the Krewe Waivers, but the Fantasy Fest ones as well.  For those of you who actually read thru the waivers, which we strongly suggest you do, there is a link to the forms on which your signature will appear or click here.  How do we get your names you may wonder?  Well that’s new too.   EACH person who purchases the tickets will need to put the participants name in the boxes provided.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE ORDER UNLESS THE NAMES ARE ENTERED AND THE BOX IS CHECKED.  If you do NOT follow the directions and require assistance… I promise to poke fun at you at my whim… It’s a simple process and I know y’all can handle it.
Friday party tickets will go on sale at the same time.  There will be the same boxes for your names but no box to check.  Its set up to be at the old Rum Barrell again however if there is any change, we will let you know asap. 
You can go to the krewe website and check to see if you name is on the list for parade tickets or Friday party tickets or both. The list will be updated at least once a week.

Here is a little background on why we went with OLD KEY WEST for the Float theme this year.
We heard lots of ideas about theming to a song or a musical group, to tie in with the musical part of the official fantasy fest theme, but we were unsuccessful with coming up with a clear decorating idea, but did give us one for the Friday party, more about that later.
When working out ideas for krewe themes we must take into consideration not only how we can build it (on a limited budget) but how we can transport to key west and reassemble in a very short amount to time before the parade. It’s here that a lot of great ideas get shot down because they are either too complicated to build or would take too long to reassemble prior to the parade, remember we are on vacation too. While we were kicking around ideas for this year, we kept coming back to the first fantasy fest theme “Old Key West”, tying in with the 40 years of fantasy portion the official fantasy fest theme

While trying to figure out how to decorate the float for old key west we found some vintage key west memorabilia. The “Greeting from key west” post card, which was painted on the side of the Cuban coffee queen and can be still seen there. This led to the inspiration that we could do the same thing to the sides of the float, paint the “Greeting from key west” on the side.

Then we found and a vintage bar hopping t shirt on ebay, that showed some older vintage bars that are long gone but fondly remembered as well as some still standing good ones.  BOOM we had something for the other side of the float.  

We thought about having banners made for these but wanting to be more authentic and creative we decided on hand painting them on canvas. So we had a good idea and plan for decorating and reassembling in Key West but we still needed to do something about the music portion of the official fantasy fest theme

We came up with the idea that we could use record albums to decorate with but realized they would be too small to be seen in the parade. We still liked the idea but needed to make the albums bigger. Taking from Phil and Rachels property cards last year, we were able to find a printer that would print them 24” x 24” on corrugated plastic, and this idea was resurrected. We decided to sell the albums in the krewe store for $25, so everyone has a chance to help decorate the float with there favorite album. We are personalizing them with your name, and you can take it home after the parade as a keepsake of the 2019 fantasy fest parade.

Costume ideas are endless. Think about key west, the past 40 years, What do you find there?  Treasure Hunters, Beach Bums, Capt. Tony even, or the Cat guy down in Mallory Square? You may also opt to take the musical theme further, why not be the Village People, Jimmy Buffet, or recreate your favorite Rock Star from all time?  Or your favorite Country star?  And if all us fails or even if you have a great costume planned but just can’t get yourself together after a long night out , there is always  A TUTU!  Chances are you have one lying around or there is one within arm’s reach! And finally, if you are brave enough to join them, I know of a group that will be wearing the Jeado attire, 
Should any group of people wish to have a skit or short dance routine (practiced and near perfected) to perform during the parade and at the judges stand, please contact me so that we can arrange for your music and work out the details.   Think maybe the YMCA Dance. We would like it to tie into the old key west theme but may be open to anything.

It is always a great time.
Join the krewe throughout the day down in the annex for float decorating, grilling, float watching and general nonsensical behavior. 

Let’s put the spotlight on Bonnie and Dave Salerno

Bonnie and Dave have a home and family in Florida, however in the past couple of years they have been traveling all over North America!
However, no matter where they are, they always seem to find the time to hang with the Krewe in Key West!!!   
Dave retired from Fed Ex last year and they are both retired from their custom gate company. (who knew Bonnie was a welder? Think Flashdance)
Their gates were handmade by them and shipped all over the US.
They are also avid outdoors people.  Whether they are hiking a back trail or jet skiing or kayaking the backwaters of Florida or chilling on a beach, they really know how to take advantage of all Florida has to offer. 
What you may not know about them is that they transformed an old car hauler trailer that had been put out to pasture into the Parade Float we have today.  Each of those bead hooks had to be cut, welded and then attached to the float one by one, there are over 160 of them, yes I counted them.  The whole rear of the float had to be modified and reengineered so that it was flat and stable to make it more float like and less car haulery .
 And most importantly to those who need it… THE BATHROOM was created. A lot of hard work and long hours went into building the float!  
This remarkable couple also coordinates all the behind the scenes stuff for the skooter krawl, making it run like a well-oiled machine. Each year the event has grown but goes off without a hitch, except for the weather which only adds to the fun. 
From leading the walking group to announcing prizes, selling raffle tickets and judging the winning hand. They are responsible for making the scooter krawl a great time for everyone.
So when you see Bonnie and Dave around, maybe at the meet n greet, selling tickets and assisting with product sales, or the scooter krawl handing out cards, or just out and about having fun, make sure to introduce your selves and say thanks.

*** if you or someone you know would love to be under the “spotlight” drop me an email with the particulars. WHO they are WHAT they do and more fun facts that not everyone knows.  IT WILL BE FUN!***

These are the dates to remember for 2019