Toss those hats, you won’t be needing them this year, it was decided it was time for a change.
The first friday party will now be fuchsia Friday!
Why Fuchsia?
Cause it’s a cool alliteration of course! 
BUT what is Fuchsia you may ask? 
Well its pretty simple
FUCHSIA is a vivid purplish-red color kinda like HOT PINK.  
What do I do for this? 
Take your pick at adding a tiny splash or go all out—HEAD TO TOE!  
No matter what you wear, it will be a fun nite to catch up with the early birds at Captain Tony’s. 
Remember this is our first official krewe party of the year and it has been getting bigger and bigger every year! 
AND.. Fuchsia Krewe Shirts will be available for sale in the Krewe Store.