Friday Party

Friday October 25th

Rum Barrel 528 Front St

9 pm till ?

$40.00 per person in advance $50 at the door

This years Theme is Name that tune ~ Costume edition

In keeping with the long-standing tradition of being off Duval on Friday night we invite you to join us for a private krewe de krazy life party.

There will be food, dancing and good music, away from all the hooligan’s that always seem to invade Key West the last weekend of Fantasy Fest.

The ticket to this event includes access to the rum barrel, food, music and dancing. A full cash bar will be available for all your drinking needs. If you have any special bar request’s let us know by email and we will do our best to accommodate.

Also this bar is credit card friendly.

Ok i'm in but how the heck do i dress as a song?

I’m glad you asked. First off it’s not as difficult as one would think. Just think of a song and then it’s title, picture it in your mind.

For example

‘Surrender’ by cheaptrick, all you really need is a white flag, the rest can be whatever you are comfortable in from butt nekid to what you would wear out on the street. The white flag is your costume.

‘The boxer’ by Simon and Garfunkel. You could wear a box or dress up as a boxer or just have some boxing gloves.

It’s gonna be a blast seeing what everybody comes up with, plus you can wear next to nothing and still have a great costume.

Put a watch in a bottle and what does this make you? Or maybe replace the watch with an herb.

Get the idea.