Your "Porn Star"name......

How it all began....
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Your "Porn Star"name......

Post by kovy »

My guess is that this was a thing here (at least once, if not more often) already. Tell what your Porn Star Name is and why!

I'll kick it off. As an engineer, I always Liked Dick Density. It certainly contains the innuendo one looks for, plus it has a legit engineering term in it.

My alternate is Thunder Calves. I could dunk a basketball until I was 30, so I had the calves that went with a leaper my entire life.

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Re: Your "Porn Star"name......

Post by Foxeelady »

FOXEELADY.....someone started calling me this many years ago when I was Foxy, can't remember who, but the name stuck. That is my story and sticking to it.
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