Nightly Krewe Drop-Ins

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Nightly Krewe Drop-Ins

Post by alvinjamaica »

viewtopic.php?f=72&t=2637&p=16551#p16551 Please read Travelino's posts, December 24 and 28 in the thread above.

The idea is that from Tuesday (in 2016 that will be Ocober 25) to Thursday (October 28) we get ideas from the Krew about any alternative venue where the Krewe can hang out. This is not a replacement for our Captain Tony's home but just an alternative for those who may be a little bored with staying at Captain Tony's all night.

It is suggested that such a venue be a free venue (no cover) and could provide a different atmosphere an perhaps a different vibe for Krewe members, adding to the excitement.

My suggestion is that we use Tuesday to Thursday initially as Tuesday becomes super crowded at tony's because of our party and later in the night some Krewe might want an alternative; Wednesday and Thursday just because. Friday we already have our party at Kelly's and Saturday is the parade. Monday is already full of alternatives and the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday are really our thing. So to start, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This is not to say that we still would not gather at Tony's every night as usual.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

Do you have a venue to suggest?

Travelino already mooted Rumrunners (the old cowboy bill's).

I await your response!

The Krewe rules!
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Re: Nightly Krewe Drop-Ins

Post by travelino »

Alvin, thanks for starting this. I think a lot of us want to seek out new venues while at Fantasy Fest and if we targeted a place each of the nights you suggested, and a relative time, it would serve as a place to go to and see how it turns out.

so one suggestion for maybe Tuesday night, is to go to Rumrunners, which is the old Cowboy Bills. We didn't spend any time there, and heard it was empty most of the time, but passing through we saw they had sand pits, or should I say larger areas filled with sand for what I don't know, but maybe to give it a beach look and maybe some types of contest. So at this point, we don't know if they will be sponsoring any events or even still in business, but it they are not and its not crowded like this year, it could be a fun place for a group of us to meet for perhaps an hour or so and take over and have some fun. I can see doing something with the beach sand, a few towels and some sexy ladies posing for us, pretending it to be a beach scene. Maybe a blow up beach ball. Any other ideas on how to make this fun. Perhaps more "beach games".

A long time ago, Rumrunners use to be pretty wild when it was located where Coyote Ugly is now, for those that remember.
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