First-time attendee! So excited to have a blast

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First-time attendee! So excited to have a blast

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Hey everyone,

I'm going to be at FF from Oct 26 - 30 and can't wait to get into costume and party!

I'm still looking for costume ideas so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The only thing I have planned so far is it a nude body cruise on the 27th

I'm going as a single male, so I'll make friends along the way!

This is what I look like, if it helps with costume suggestions:
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Re: First-time attendee! So excited to have a blast

Post by itsourcrazylife »

Pirate up on the 26th
Beach Blanket Bingo theme at Captain Tony's on the 27th so swim wear, bingo cards, etc.
Painted Bodies at Captain Tony's on the 28th. If you have never been painted, it's a great time to try it. Google bodypaint images for ideas.
Join us in the parade. The theme is Saturday Morning Cartoons, so any cartoon character I'd good. Tickets are $100 until Saturday then $110. Being in rhe parade with other krewe members is a blast.
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