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Krewe Themes and Parties for the week of Fantasy Fest 2014

We’re having a get together at Smokin Tuna around 9:00pm. Last year we did Boa’s which were hot and sticky so this year the Zoe n Trixie gathering will be Hawaiian leis!
Wear a lei and come out and join us at the unofficial “get lei’d party”!


Little Black Dress Party at Capt. Tony’s at 8pm
Wear your little/sheerest black dress or any color(if you are a rebel) you like but it has to be little
to start the beginning of Fantasy Fest right. Started by Krewe members Hula and Bigahm in 2011


Krewe Meet & Greet at the Pier House Beach Bar Sunday at 3-6pm
Meet & Greet to get to know your fellow krewe members. No costumes necessary. Started By Krewe member Jeff in 2009


Pirate Party at Capt. Tony’s Sunday Oct. 19th 8pm
Wear your Pirate and Wench costumes and find the Booty! Started by Krewe members Bobby and Sandy in 2008


Rubber Ball at Capt. Tony’s at 8pm
Wear your kinky fetish wear to the Rubber Ball and Dare to enter the Dungeon of Desires!


Tutu n Zombie Scooter Krawl Poker Run – Scooters meet at Southermost Beach cafe at 1pm, Walkers meet at Dante’s at 1pm
$5 a hand of poker. Best hand wins $100. Drawing for non-winners $50. Started by Krewe members Tony and Angie(ECB) in 2012


Party in Plaid at Capt. Tony’s Tuesday at 8pm
Wear your best Plaid Outfit to the Krewe’s Own Party in Plaid. Started by Krewe founder Frank in 2003.


ABC Contest Meet & Greet at Southermost Beach Cafe at 1pm
Come to Southermost Beach Cafe and Join the krewe as We all judge your Amazing Creativity in designing your costumes made with Anything But Clothes.
Hosted/MC by Dana.  Started by Krewe member Ron in 2014


Kinky Side of Sports at Capt. Tony’s at 8pm
Show Your Team Pride by wearing your favorite sport team costume/body paint. Started by Krewe founder John and MJ 2013


Capt. Tony’s Walk on the Wild Side at Capt. Tony’s at 8pm
Show us Your Inner Wild Animal by wearing the best costume/body paint that shows your Wild Animalistic side.
Animal print anything. Started by Krewe member Angie(ECB) in 2014


Float decorating at Truman Annex 12pm
Come help us put up the banners, lights and decorations on the float. it will take about 1 to 1:30 hours to finish. We can use all the help we can get.


Masquerade March – a bunch of the krewe are dressing up in French Maid Costumes, even guys.
Friday Oct. 24th 4:30pm at the Cemetery on Frances St. March starts at 5pm sharp


Possible Friday Private Krewe Party – Details coming soon Oct. 24th TBA


Float Set-up at Truman Annex 12pm
Come help us load up the beads and put the speakers up and generator. should take about 1 hour to finish.


Fantasy Fest Parade Oct. 25th 6:30pm
Show up by 6:30pm to get ready to walk in front of 70k screaming fans, passing out beads and having the time of your life.
You will not regret being in the parade.

After Parade Dinner TBA


Naked Farewell at Capt. Tony’s 7pm
One last chance to meet, reminisce and say your goodbyes till next year.
nothing formal, no costume required.


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